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Chapter 2. A Field Guide to Windows XP > Quittin' Time: Shutting Down Windows - Pg. 17

A Field Guide to Windows XP 17 Now that I've scared the daylights out of you, let's see the proper procedure for shutting down your computer. To begin, click the Start button to pop up the Windows XP Start menu. The route you take from here depends on a couple of different factors: · If you have Windows XP Home, or if you have Windows XP Professional that isn't running on a corporate network, then click the Turn off computer option. Windows XP displays the little box shown in Figure 2.6. Use your mouse to click the option you want (I explain them in a sec). Figure 2.6. In Windows XP Home Edition, when you click the Start menu's Turn off computer option, you see this dialog box. · If you're running Windows XP Professional on a corporate network, click Shut Down to see the box shown in Figure 2.7. Use the What do you want the computer to do? list to choose the action you want (they're explained below) and then click OK. If you're not sure how to work the list, see "Dealing with the Dialog Boxes" section in Chapter 3.