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Chapter 2. A Field Guide to Windows XP > Starting Windows XP - Pg. 10

A Field Guide to Windows XP 10 After your machine has churned through a few behind-the-scenes (and happily ignorable) chores, Windows XP's next move depends on which version you're using and on how it has been set up. Windows Wisdom The idea of Windows pulling itself up by its own bootstraps is actually a pretty good way to describe the whole process of Windows starting itself up from scratch. In fact, it's the source of the verb boot , which means "to start a computer." If you have Windows XP Home Edition, one of two things will happen: · You end up at the Windows XP "desktop," which is the screen shown a bit later in Figure 2.3. If that's the case, you get a free pass to the next section of this chapter ("What's What in the Windows Screen"). Figure 2.3. The Windows XP Home Edition landscape. · You're left staring at the "Welcome" screen, which will be similar to the one shown in Figure 2.1. In this case, just press the Enter key on your keyboard. I'll talk more about the Welcome screen later in the book (see Chapter 13, "Avoid-ing Fistfights While Sharing Your Coomputer").