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Lesson 13. Startup Sequence > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

In this lesson you learned the basic description of the various stages of the Mac OS X startup sequence. The following table lists these stages. For each stage, the table lists the corresponding visual and auditory cues. Once you have identified the stage where startup is failing, you can isolate the cause and fix it.

Startup Sequence StageCue
Power OnBlack screen
BootROM-POSTFlashing lights and LEDs, and activity sound as POST mounts all devices, including hard disks and removable media

One beep— No RAM installed

Two beeps— Incompatible RAM types

Three beeps— No good memory banks

Four beeps— No good boot images in BootROM

Five beeps— Processor is not usable

BootROM-Open FirmwareStartup chime

Metallic Apple logo— Found BootX

Circle with slash— Could not find BootX on the startup volume

Flashing square with globe— Looking for BootX on a remote disk via the network

Small metallic spinning globe— Found BootX on the network

Flashing question mark over a folder or floppy disk icon— Open Firmware did not find a bootable OS

Broken folder icon— Missing Mac OS X components

Folder icon with a black belt around it— Restored Mac OS 9 incorrectly on a drive with Mac OS X installed

kernelGray screen with Apple logo and spinning gear
launchdBlue screen
loginwindowLogin window appears
User Environment SetupThe text “Logging In” appears in login window along with a progress bar upon successful login Desktop and Dock appear



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