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Lesson 4. File Systems > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • Mac OS X 10.4 is a flexible, powerful operating system that provides support for legacy drive formats and modern file systems. Mac OS X integrates well with the Internet, and provides utilities you can use to troubleshoot and manage your storage devices.

  • Mac OS X supports several volume formats. Mac OS Extended and UFS are the primary formats. The Mac OS Extended volume format supports file forks and packages.

  • Mac OS X allows you to securely erase files so that they cannot be recovered.

  • Mac OS X uses paths to indicate the location of files and folders. The file system has a standard layout. Some folders are hidden until you navigate to them in the Finder by choosing Go > Go to Folder.

  • Mac OS X has standard top-level folders and standard folders within each user's home folder. System files installed by the operating system are stored in /System. Mac OS X searches for resources in multiple locations in a specific order, known as a search path. Fonts are an example of a resource that uses a search path.

  • Disk Utility allows you to configure, verify, and repair hard disks.

  • Disk image files are useful for archiving a folder and its contents. File compression and encryption allow you to conserve storage space and make your images more secure.


The following Knowledge Base documents (located at www.apple.com/support) will provide you with further information regarding file systems in Mac OS X.

  • 106941, “Mac OS X: How to back up and restore your files”

  • 106417, “Mac OS X: Font Locations and Their Purposes”

  • 106737, “Mac OS X: How to Add or Remove Classic Fonts”

Disk Utility/fsck
  • 25668, “About disk optimization with Mac OS X”

  • 106214, “Using Disk Utility and fsck for file system maintenance in Mac OS X”

  • 107250, “Mac OS X: fsck reports benign errors when journaling is turned on”

  • 107333, “Mac OS X: How to create a password-protected (encrypted) disk image”

Mac OS Extended File System (HFS)
  • 107249, “Mac OS X: About file system journaling”

  • 25316, “Mac OS X 10.2 or Earlier: Choosing UFS or Mac OS Extended (HFS Plus) Formatting”

Burning CDs and DVDs
  • 61339, “Mac OS X: About burning data onto CDs”

  • 42718, “SuperDrive: About Rewriteable DVD Discs”

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