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Lesson 8. Using File Services > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • The first step when implementing file-sharing services is to plan out the shared services needed.

  • A share point is any folder, drive, or partition that you make available to network clients. Share points are created and configured in Workgroup Manager. A share point can be shared over AFP, SMB, NFS, or FTP. Access control lists can be used to set very flexible restrictions on share points and folders.

  • AFS allows Macintosh clients to access share points over AFP and is configured in Workgroup Manager and Server Admin.

  • Windows service allows share points to be accessed by Windows clients over SMB.

  • NFS provides UNIX systems with access to share points. Unlike AFP and SMB, NFS relies upon the IP address of the computer for authentication.

    You can use Mac OS X to reshare NFS volumes, to allow other Macintosh clients to access NFS volumes on other servers.

  • Mac OS X Server provides FTP access for share points as well. Mac OS X Server's FTP service provides the additional feature of automatically encoding, archiving, or compressing a file on the fly, based upon the extension that the client adds to the filename.

  • Network mount share points and network home folders also can be configured on Mac OS X Server.


The following documents provide more information about installing Mac OS X Server. (All of these and more are available at www.apple.com/server/documentation.)



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