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Review Quiz

1:What is the difference between a local user account and a network user account?
2:How is a mobile user different from a network user?
3:Can a user be a member of more than one workgroup?
4:Can a computer be a member of more than one computer list?
5:How many user records can you import at one time using the Import command in Workgroup Manager?
6:How many computers can you add to a computer list in Workgroup Manager?
7:What is the difference between a group and a workgroup?
8:In Workgroup Manager, how can you configure preferences for user, group, and computer list accounts to avoid overrides?
9:Name two ways to review raw preference data in Workgroup Manager.
10:What folders are synchronized for mobile account users running v10.3?
11:What is the term used for a managed network grouping?
12:What folders are synchronized with mobile accounts?


A1: In the case of a local user account, the home folder and account information are stored locally. But in the case of a network user account, the home folder is stored on a remote home folder server, and the account information resides in a shared domain.
A2: A mobile user is a network user whose Mobility preference is managed. When you manage this preference, the next time the user logs in, Mac OS X Server creates two things: a copy of the user's account in the local domain of the user's computer, and a local home folder, which becomes the user's default home folder. Important: Any documents that were stored in the network home folder are not copied to the local home folder.
A3: Yes
A4: No
A5: Each file you import can contain up to 10,000 records.
A6: Up to 2000 computers
A7: A workgroup is a group that has managed preferences.
A8: By setting each preference for only one type of account. For example, you could set printer preferences only for computers, set application preferences only for workgroups, and set Dock preferences only for users. In such a case, no override occurs for these preferences because the user inherits them without competition.
A9: Inspector and Details
A10: Trick question—None; it only works for v10.4.
A11: Neighborhood
A12: Only those in the Home folder hierarchy



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