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Lesson 9. Managing Accounts > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • Account management encompasses everything from setting up accounts for network access and creating home folders to fine-tuning the user experience by managing preferences and settings for users, groups, and computers.

  • Workgroup Manager is an account-management tool. It provides centralized directory-based management of users, groups, and computers—from anywhere on your network.

  • The account information for a network user resides in a shared domain, and the user's home folder resides on a home folder server. Network users can log in from any client on the network and have access to their home folders.

  • A mobile user has two synchronized accounts. The main account resides in a shared domain, and a copy of the main account resides locally on the user's computer. The mobile user's home folder is stored locally. You can configure the user's files to be synchronized.

  • A group folder offers a way to organize documents and applications of special interest to group members, and gives group members a folder where they can pass information back and forth.

  • You can use the Export and Import commands in Workgroup Manager to back up and restore user and group accounts.

  • A computer list is a list of computers that have the same preference settings and are available to the same users and groups. You can create and modify lists in Workgroup Manager.

  • You can manage the user's experience of /Network by configuring network browsing. This also allows you to display services that may not advertise themselves automatically, such as a web server.


The following documents provide more information about installing Mac OS X Server. (All of these and more are available at www.apple.com/server/documentation.)



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