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Review Quiz

1:What are the minimum hardware requirements for installing Mac OS X Server v10.4?
2:What information must you collect before installing Mac OS X Server?
3:What are three things that the Server Assistant application can be used to do?
4:In what formats can Server Assistant save setup information, and what is each format used for?
5:What tool should be used to keep Mac OS X Server up-to-date with the latest versions of software?


A1: The minimum requirements are:
  • A desktop Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor

  • 256 MB of RAM (at least 512 MB of RAM for high-demand servers running multiple services)

  • 4 GB of available disk space

  • Built-in FireWire

A2: Serial number and MAC address of the computer, admin name and password, hostname, computer name, existing or proposed DNS configuration, TCP/IP configuration, and directory service usage
A3: Server Assistant can be used to install Mac OS X Server v10.4 on a remote server, to set up a remote Mac OS X Server v10.4 system, and to save setup information for a Mac OS X Server v10.4 server in a file or directory record.
A4: Server Assistant can save setup information in the following formats:
  • Text file: Used as a description of the setup (just a reference).

  • XML file: Can be placed on any volume mounted on the target server to automatically configure that server.

  • Directory record: Can be saved in the directory service master to be discovered by a target server for automatic configuration of that server.

A5: Software Update (in System Preferences)



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