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Review Quiz

1:What are the advantages of using NetBoot?
2:What are three ways to configure the network startup disk?
3:What network protocols are used during the NetBoot startup sequence? What components are delivered over each of these protocols?
4:What is a NetBoot shadow file?
5:What is the difference between a package and a metapackage?
6:What tool must you use if you manually add packages to a metapackage, and why?
7:What is the Remote Desktop Admin feature you would use to install software, and are there any limitations?


A1: Since NetBoot unifies and centralizes the system software that NetBoot clients use, software configuration and maintenance is reduced to a minimum. A single change to a NetBoot image propagates to all client computers on the next startup. NetBoot also decouples the system software from the computer, decreasing potential time invested in software troubleshooting.
A2: A client must have selected a network disk image via the Startup pane within System Preferences, or the user must hold down the N key at startup to boot from the default NetBoot image or using Remote Desktop Admin.
A3: NetBoot makes use of DHCP, TFTP, NFS, and HTTP during the NetBoot client startup sequence. DHCP provides the IP address, TFTP delivers the boot ROM (“booter”) file, and NFS or HTTP is used to deliver the network disk image.
A4: Since the NetBoot boot image is read-only, anything that the client computer writes to the volume is cached in the shadow file. This allows a user to make changes to the boot volume, including setting preferences and storing files; however, when the computer is restarted, all changes are erased.
A5: A package is an Installer image file; a metapackage is a group file containing a number of packages or other metapackages.
A6: Property List Editor, because the metapackage does not know about the additional packages.
A7: You would use the Install Packages feature; must be a PackageMaker format file.



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