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Lesson 1. Getting Started > Certification - Pg. 3

Getting Started 3 While installing these files on your computer, it's important to keep all of the numbered Lesson folders together in the main Lessons folder on your hard drive. You will, of course, complete this procedure after you have installed and configured your Mac OS X server for the first time. Lesson files, reference files, and an Apple video tutorial on Kerberos are included. However, you'll also need to download certain updates from the Apple website at or, in some cases (such as Apple Remote Desktop), purchase the software from Apple. Installing Files on the Client Computer 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Put the XSE CD into your computer's CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive. Copy the XSE_Materials folder to the /Users/Shared directory. Eject the CD. Insert the Mac OS X Server Install DVD into your Mac OS X computer and install the Develo- perTools.pkg located in Other Installs/Xcode Tools/Packages. While the Mac OS X Server Install DVD is still in the computer, install the ServerAdministra- tionSoftware.mpkg located in System/Installation/ Packages. When called for by the lesson, locate the appropriate files inside the XSE_Materials directory. System Requirements This book assumes a basic level of familiarity with the Macintosh operating environment. All refer- ences to Mac OS X refer to Mac OS X v10.4, which is the primary operating system assumed throughout the book.