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Chapter 15. Statistical Functions > The Statistical Functions - Pg. 393

· Find the largest value in an array · Determine the probability of the specified distribution · Find the average for a list of values · Determine the smallest value in a list · Find the probability of the specified distribution · Count the number of the specified type of values in a list · Determine the number of permutations that is created for a group of objects · Find the standard deviation for a list of values · Determine the variance in a list of values Common Statistical Terminology If you are not an avid statistician you are going to quickly notice that statistical functions use a lot of different terminology. By understanding some of the terms outlined in this section, you should be able to quickly determine which statistical functions you need to use to produce the desired results. Mean Indicates the arithmetic average of a set of numbers. This is an attempt to find the center of a distribution. Median Indicates a point on a scale of measures where half of the observations are less than or equal to the median, and half are greater. Population Specifies a well-defined collection of all the observations in which we are in- terested, for example, the total number of seniors graduating in Spring 2000. Range Indicates the distance between the largest and smallest value. Sample Specifies a subset of a population. For example, if a population were the senior class of 2000, a subset would be the seniors who are receiving college scholar- ships. Variance Characterizes the dispersion within a population. The variance is essentially the mean squared deviation of a dataset, where the deviation is the distance between each observation and the mean. Statistical Func- tions The Statistical Functions Excel provides several different functions that are used to perform statistical calcu- lations. These functions are covered in the remaining portion of this chapter in al- phabetical order, but they are categorized as follows: The Statistical Functions | 393