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Working with a Page > Formatting Text - Pg. 387

Figure 16-6. Adding pages to the site Formatting Text Word provides a number of good ways to format text on a web page: Use Word's standard formatting commands Use Format Font and Format Paragraph to apply formatting the same way as in a normal Word document. These commands are detailed in Chapter 8. Apply paragraph and character styles Styles are collections of formats that are applied all together and help keep the formatting of a document consistent and organized. Styles are covered in Chap- ter 2, and Chapter 8. Apply themes Themes are collections of formatting elements built into Word that define the appearance of a web page. Elements included in a theme are backgrounds, styles, bullets, horizontal lines, hyperlink colors, and table border colors. A theme is really just a way to apply all of these elements at one stroke. Themes are also covered in Chapter 8. Creating a Web Page Working with a Page | 387