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Web Folders Word 2000 provides a new feature called Web Folders that is installed if the Web Publishing component is selected during the setup of Office 2000. If this component is installed, a Web Folders item is created in the My Computer folder available on the Windows desktop. If the component is set to be in- stalled on first use, the Web Folders item is only available on the Save As and Open dialogs in Word. Have your CD handy the first time you use the feature. After installing it, the item is made available in Windows. Inside Web Folders, you can create shortcuts to locations on the Internet using a simple URL. Web Folders functionality is contained in Office 2000 and does not require that any special extensions be installed on the web server. To create a Web Folder, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Open in Word. 2. Click the Web Folder icon in the Places Bar on the left of the Open dialog box. Word navigates to the Web Folders location on your hard drive. 3. Click the Create New Folder button on the Open dialog toolbar. 4. In the dialog that opens, type the URL of the web server on which to save pages. Click the Browse button to open the default web browser and browse to a page that way. 5. Click Next and Word will attempt to verify that the location is valid. If