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Options User Locations. Other than the fact that it is intended for use by multiple users, the workgroup templates folder works the same as the user templates folder. Set Templates to Read-Only How Word Works It's usually a good idea set up templates in a workgroup folder as read-only, both to prevent modification and to allow more than one person to use a template at once. To do this, right-click the template in Windows Explorer and choose Properties from the context menu. On the General tab of the dialog that opens, select the "Read-Only" option. Once a document is created, change the template attached to it using Tools Tem- plates and Add-Ins (see Figure 2-2). Click the Attach button to pick any template to attach to the current document. When a new template is first attached to a document, all of the styles (along with macros, toolbars, etc.) in the template are copied to the document. Styles in the document that are not in the template are unaffected. If the template and the docu- ment have styles that have the same name but have different properties, one of two things happens: · If the "Automatically update document styles" option on the Templates and Add-ins dialog is not selected, nothing happens. The conflicting style in the