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Figure 2-4. Viewing temporary files (~) and the second letter is replaced by a dollar sign. The file icon also appears dimmed, indicating that it is hidden. If the temporary files remain in a folder after the document is closed (normally due to Word crashing while files are open), delete them. Word won't allow the deletion of a temporary file for an open document. Can't Open or Save a File? Word often leaves .tmp files lying around (after a crash, for example). If you find that a document won't open or save, try looking in the document's folder for a leftover .tmp file and de- leting it. Word also uses temporary files to determine the state of a document. If a .tmp file for a document exists in the folder with a document, Word assumes the file is in use. Try to open the file and Word tells you the file is in use and offers to open a read-only copy instead. You can't save the file in the same lo- cation with the same filename. If you try, Word opens the Save As dialog instead.