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What Is a Field? > Updating and Locking Fields - Pg. 368

Figure 15-7. Selecting text inside a field Jump Between Fields with F11 Press the F11 key to jump to the next field in a document after the insertion point and highlight that field. Press Shift-F11 to jump to and highlight the field prior to the insertion point. Select any text inside the field by double-clicking or dragging. Whenever any text inside a field is selected, Word adds a normal selection highlight on top of any field shading (Figure 15-7). Apply the same character styles or formatting to text in the field that you would apply to non-field text. You can also manipulate selected text inside a field in other ways. In fact, once a field is constructed, the only way to edit it is by manually typing the changes to the switches and field instructions. There is no way to return to the Insert Field dialog box. You'll have to know the exact syntax to use when making the change. Of course, you could always delete and recreate the field instead. Here are a few caveats to keep in mind when editing a field: · If you delete part of the field results (say, the year from a date), the deleted text will return the next time the field is updated. Stop this by locking or breaking the field, discussed a bit later in the chapter.