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What Is a Field? > Types of Fields - Pg. 361

Field instructions These tell Word what information to use and what to do with that information to get the results for the field. There are several different types of field instructions: Bookmark instructions These refer to selections in the same document or in a separate document. Fields with bookmark instructions can use the contents of the bookmark as well as the page number on which the bookmark is found. Expressions These are used in calculations and can be made up of mathematical or logical operations, numbers, or references to numbers in the document. Text This is normally marked with quotation marks and represents content Word should display as part of the field results. Single words do not require quotation marks. Switches These are optional instructions that tell Word how to format and display the results of the field. A switch is preceded by a backslash (\). General switches can be used with any field. Most fields also have field-specific switches. A field can have up to ten general switches and ten field-specific switches at one time.