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What Is a Field? > Selecting and Editing Fields - Pg. 367

Figure 15-6. Setting options for the MacroButton field The MacroButton field runs a specified macro whenever the user clicks on designa- ted text. For example, the field code in the figure runs a macro that opens the Print dialog (same as File Print) whenever the user double-clicks on the word "here." You could stick this code at the end of a sentence that reads, "To print this document, double-click here". You may run across a number of other tabs as well; for example, the Bookmarks tab. These tabs work the same way as the tabs we've already explored. They list a number of options (or bookmarks or whatever) and let you add those options to the field. The use of these tabs in Word is a bit confusing, to put it kindly. Sometimes, you'll see bookmarks presented on a Bookmarks tab and sometimes on an Options tab. Just keep in mind that all of the tabs work pretty much the same way. Fields and Forms Selecting and Editing Fields Once a field is inserted, it can be treated much like any other text in the document. Select an entire field by dragging the pointer across it. Once selected, apply any character styles or formatting, move, cut, or paste the field as normal. What Is a Field? | 367