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Inserting Fields > Inserting Fields - Pg. 363

Figure 15-3. Inserting a field · Use the Table Formula command to insert a calculation field into a table. See Chapter 10, for more on this command. · Use AutoText to insert document information such as the author's name or title of the document, covered in Chapter 7. · Use Tools Mail Merge to create a form letter using fields to fill in information from other sources automatically, covered in Chapter 9. · Type a field code directly into the document. If you know the precise field name and instructions, press Ctrl-F9 to insert a pair of field markers into a document and move the insertion point inside those markers. Type the field name, in- structions, and any switches. Click anywhere outside the field markers to com- plete the process. · Use the Insert Field command to choose a field and specify any field instruc- tions. All fields you can insert are listed in the Field dialog that opens after choosing Insert Field (Figure 15-3). There are nine categories of fields and selecting any category displays a number of actual fields in the Field names box. Selecting any field displays a description of the field near the bottom of the Field dialog. To insert a field using its default instructions, just select the field and click OK. Fields and Forms What Is a Field? | 363