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Using the Office HTML Filter Tool > Creating a cascading style sheet - Pg. 396

Using the Office HTML Filter Tool The Office HTML Filter is used to remove the Office-specific markup tags embed- ded in the Word's web pages. It is available for download on the Office Update web site at You can also get there by choosing Help Office on the Web. I'd give a more exact URL, but Microsoft tends to change things enough that it's probably more useful this way. Browse to the Word section on the site and look at the available downloads. Find the Office HTML Filter, download it, and install it on your system. Installing the filter builds three new tools into the Word interface. Two of these, the ability to filter a Word document and the ability to create a cascading style sheet from a document, are placed in a new submenu named Export that is created on Word's File menu. The third tool, which copies selected text from a Word document as compact HTML, is placed on the Edit menu. Filtering a document To filter a Word document, choose File Export to Compact HTML. This tool is designed to rip all Office-specific markup tags from an HTML document, and it actually does a pretty good job. It took out much of the code I complained about in my simple web page. One thing it left was the cascading style sheet information. Unfortunately, it also left all the document information and much of the formatting information as well. Just running this tool managed to trim the code down to a little more than half what it was before.