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Using Other Frames > The Frame tab - Pg. 229

Format Frames When a document with a simple table of contents (not in a frame) is saved as HTML, the table of contents is converted to a series of hyperlinks right within the document page instead of in a frame. Updating a Table of Contents If you add or format headings in a document after creating a Table of Contents frame, select the entire Table of Contents frame and press F9 to update it. Using Other Frames The Format Frames New Frames page switches Word to Web Layout view, opens the Frames toolbar, and adds a number of new commands to the Format Frames submenu that mirror those found on the Frames toolbar. This command does not add a new frame to the document; to do that, choose one of the New Frame commands (Left, Right, Above, or Below) from the toolbar or menu. When the first frame is added to a document, Word does several things: 1. First, it turns the document currently displayed into a frame document. If the docu- ment has already been saved, it keeps its original name. Otherwise, it is automati-