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Using Forms > Finishing the Form - Pg. 379

Figure 15-18. Viewing status bar and help key text for a field Finishing the Form Now that the form is exactly the way I want it and I have protected the form with a password, I'm almost ready to save it as a template. Before doing this, however, there are a couple of last-minute things to check: · Make sure that all of the fields in the form are blank and don't contain any practice data you've entered. · Close any toolbars (such as the Forms or Tables and Borders toolbar) that the user won't need. If you leave the toolbar open when you save the form, they will appear when a document is created. · Change to the document view (Normal, Print, etc.) you want users to view the form in. Save the form as a template and distribute the template however you want (see Chapter 14, for information on distributing templates). Fields and Forms Using Forms | 379