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Double-Click a Comment to Jump There If you double-click anywhere in a comment's text in the Com- ments pane, the main document window jumps to the location of the comment. Also, if you double-click a comment in the main document window while the Comments pane is closed, the pane opens and jumps to that comment. Delete as much of the text for a comment as you want. However, the comment itself cannot be deleted from within the Comments pane. Try it and Word hands you an error. Comments can only be deleted within the main document. To do this, first highlight the comment by double-clicking it (or by backspacing over it) and then delete it like any normal character. The Delete Comment button on the Reviewing toolbar also deletes a highlighted comment. The easiest way to get rid of a comment, though, is to right-click anywhere in the comment highlight and choose Delete Comment from the context menu. Collaborating If you inserted the comment while Track Changes was turned on, you may have to accept the change before deleting the com- ment. Of course, you can also reject the change to delete it, as well. You can move comments in the main document Window by cutting and pasting them or by dragging them to new locations. However, this removes the highlighting for the comment and makes it harder to find and select. Instead, cut the text for a comment in the Comment pane, create a new comment where you want to move it, and paste the comment text into the new comment. Then delete the old comment from the main text by right-clicking and choosing Delete Comment. Word won't let you drag, cut, or paste comments in the Comments pane. Replying to Comments Replies to comments aren't really part of the Word interface; they're just a way I like to handle discussions. Instead of inserting a new comment to reply to an existing comment, place the insertion point at the end of the comment text in the comment pane and hit Enter. Tab to indent the reply and start typing. This is a very handy way of keeping discussions on a single topic all together. In addition, you may want to add your name after replies to make it easy to see who is commenting. I know you can just hold the pointer over text to see who inserted it, but why bother? If the names are there, it's much easier to scroll through comments. Using Comments | 335