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Tracking Changes > Turning Track Changes On - Pg. 324

Figure 13-1. Turning on Track Changes using Tools Track Changes Highlight Changes 2. You can then review the document, see what changes each author made and when, and accept or reject each of the changes. Sound pretty simple? It is. Let's see how it works. Turning Track Changes On As with most things in Word, there are several ways to turn on Track Changes. The first is to choose Tools Track Changes Highlight Changes. This opens the dialog shown in Figure 13-1. Choose the "Track changes while editing" option and click OK to turn on Track Changes. The other two options on the dialog specify whether changes are visible on the screen and whether they are printed along with the docu- ment. The Options button on this dialog opens the Track Changes tab of the Tools Options dialog, which is covered a bit later in Section 13.1.4.