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Tracking Changes > Accepting and Rejecting Changes - Pg. 325

way to toggle Track Changes on and off is with Ctrl-Shift-E . Yet another way to toggle the feature is with the Track Changes button on the Reviewing toolbar (which you'll see more of in Section Note that all these methods only turn the whole Track Changes feature on and off. The display and printing settings made on Tools Track Changes Highlight Changes still hold. Making and Viewing Changes Once you turn Track Changes on, Word automatically marks all of the changes made to the document using an assigned color (different authors get different col- ors). By default, any additions made are underlined and anything deleted is marked with a strikethrough (see Figure 13-2). Also by default, formatting changes are not marked. When multiple people work on a document with Track Changes turned on, different authors' changes are marked in different colors so it's easier to tell who did what. To find out which author made the change, just hold the pointer above a change for a moment to display a ScreenTip showing the author, date, and type of the change. Collaborating All changes in the document (including formatting changes) are also marked with a vertical bar outside the left margin, by default. Make Sure Your Name Is Right The name that Word displays in a ScreenTip for tracked