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Tools Options View Tab > Tools Options View Print and Web Layout Options - Pg. 61

it easy to distinguish between tabs, series of spaces, and indentations. Tab characters (along with other formatting characters in this section of the dialog) are not printed even if their screen display is turned on. For more on how tabs work, see Chapter 2. 2. Spaces . When selected, spaces are shown as small, gray dots. Many users find this helpful in distinguishing between single and double spaces. I find this op- tion marginally useful, since double spaces are one of the few things that Word's grammar checker is really good at finding. 3. Paragraph marks . When this option is selected, paragraph marks are shown at the end of each paragraph. Keep this option on at all times. Word's paragraph mark is the source of most of the formatting that goes on in Word and being able to see it is essential. For more on why the paragraph mark is so important, see Chapter 2. 4. Hidden text . Hide text by selecting it and choosing Format Font Hidden. Hidden text is not displayed on screen or printed by default (make Word print hidden text using Tools Options Print Hidden Text). When this option is turned on, line breaks and pagination in a document change on screen, but not in the printed document. 5. Optional hyphens . This turns on the display of optional hyphens -- the hyphens manually inserted (using Ctrl-Hyphen) to indicate where a word should break if it falls on the end of a line. See Chapter 9, for more on using hyphens. 6. All . This option turns on or off all of the formatting displays (#11-14). It is the same as using the Show/Hide button on the Standard toolbar. Customizing Word