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Tools Mail Merge > Selecting a Data Source - Pg. 260

Tools Mail Merge Figure 9-11. Creating a new main document for mail merge 2. Select a data source. 3. The next step (not present on the dialog) is to use the Mail Merge Toolbar to insert fields into the main document. 4. Merge the documents. Creating a Main Document Only the feature for creating a main document is available when the Mail Merge Helper first opens. The Create drop-down menu lists several types of document to create, including form letters, mailing labels, envelopes, and catalogs. A fifth choice, "Restore to normal document," restores a document that is targeted for a mail merge to normal. This last command is available only after a main document has been specified. No matter which option is chosen, Word presents a dialog (Figure 9-11) with two options: Active Window, used to turn the current