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Tools Envelopes and Labels 2 1 3 7 6 4 5 Figure 9-18. Formatting an envelope of these programs is installed. Click the down arrow next to the Address Book button to choose from a list of recently used addresses. 3. Add to Document. This button adds the envelope to the front of the existing docu- ment so that they may be saved together and printed at the same time. 4. Return address. The default return address is defined in Tools Options User Information. Type a new address in this box and Word offers to replace the address on the User Information tab with the address typed when you close the Envelopes and Labels dialog. This does not hold true if you make the return address blank. 5. Omit. Select this option to omit the return address when printing the envelope. This is effectively the same as deleting the return address. 6. Feed. This graphic shows the suggested way to feed an envelope into the printer and is based on the options set using the Options button, described next. This graphic is only a suggestion based on the type of printer used and is often incorrect. I rec- ommend printing to scratch paper the first time you try printing envelopes with a new printer to make sure you know how to feed the envelope. 7. Options. This button opens a separate Envelope Options dialog box (Figure 9-19). Clicking the Preview graphic also opens the Options dialog. Settings for Envelope Options are: a. Envelope size. Select from numerous industry standard envelope sizes. Size 10 is a typical business-sized envelope. Size 6 is typical for greeting cards. Choose Tools Chapter 9:Tools | 267