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The Word Interface > Status Bar - Pg. 10

Perform Find Next with Browse Buttons When using the Edit Find feature to search for a particular word, phrase, or element (for example, a style) within a docu- ment, you can close the Find window and use the Browse but- tons to perform Find Next and Find Previous instead. The Browse buttons retain this function until reset with another el- ement. Click and Type Word 2000 boasts a new feature named Click and Type that allows you to quickly insert formatted text, graphics, tables, and other items into a blank area of a document by simply double-clicking. It does this by automatically selecting a text alignment based on the position of the pointer. The pointer icon changes to indicate that Click and Type is available and what alignment is set with its use. The pointer icons used look very much like the left, center, and right alignment buttons on the Formatting toolbar. For example, create a title page by double-clicking in the middle of a blank page and typing the centered title or insert text to the right of an existing paragraph without having to manually add a tab stop. Word normally aligns the insertion point according to the paragraph align- ment or tab stops, but when working with a single-column layout in Print