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The Word Interface > Rulers - Pg. 6

2 3 1 4 5 7 6 Figure 1-3. Controlling margins and indentations with Word's rulers to select the More Buttons option (the down arrow at the far right of the toolbar) to see hidden buttons is annoying. To change this behavior, choose Tools Customize Commands Options "Standard and Formatting Toolbars share one row." You can also drag one of the toolbars to another level yourself (shown in Figure 1-2) and this feature turns off automatically. Right-click anywhere on an open menu or toolbar to view a list of available toolbars. Click any toolbar on the list to toggle it on or off. Rulers Word's rulers control the margins and indentation of the text in a document and are good for measuring and lining up text. The horizontal ruler (Figure 1-3) appears directly above the main document window in all of Word's views except for Outline view. The vertical ruler appears to the left and only in Print Layout view. For the most part, the vertical and horizontal rulers behave the same way, so we're only going to take a close look at the horizontal ruler here.