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The Word Interface > Main Document Window - Pg. 7

· Indents. Select first line and hanging indent options and then click anywhere in the active ruler space (the white area) to place the indent there. This is the same as dragging the indent markers (described in the following list). Move the Pointer for a Moment to See Tab Type Once you select a tab type, move the pointer away for a moment and then move it back to display a ScreenTip with the name of the tab type. Word Overview 2. First line indent. This indicates the indent used by the first line of a paragraph. Like other indents, you can place this indent anywhere, including outside the margin of the page. 3. Hanging indent. The hanging indent specifies the indent used by subsequent lines of the paragraph. When you move a hanging indent marker, the first line indent marker does not move. This can change the relationship of the first line indent as the rest of the paragraph changes. 4. Left indent. The left indent indents all of the text in the paragraph from the left margin. If the paragraph also contains a first line indent, the first line indent marker moves along with the left indent marker to maintain the appropriate first line indent. 5. Default tab stops. Word maintains default tab stops every inch. When you place a custom tab stop, all default stops to the left of the new custom stop disappear, but the ones to the right remain. 6. Right indent. The right indent marker indents all of the lines in a paragraph from the right margin. 7. Margin markers. These are the thin light gray strips where the dark gray and white areas of the ruler meet. Drag the margin markers to change left and right margins for a paragraph. Double-Click the Ruler for Different Effects Double-click the active area of the ruler below the measurement markings to place a tab of the selected type and open the Tabs dialog box (Format Tabs). Double-click above the measure- ment markings or anywhere outside the margins to open the Page Layout dialog box (File Page Setup Layout). Main Document Window Word's main document window (Figure 1-4) contains the document itself and a number of interface elements for changing how the document is displayed. The following list shows the important elements of the document window: The Word Interface | 7