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Word Overview 2 1 4 5 3 Figure 1-2. Title and command bars The following numbered list details the essential title and command bar interface elements: 1. Title bar. The title bar shows the name of the active document and the appli- cation. Word also uses the title bar to denote a document's state. For example, if you open multiple windows of the same document (using Window New Window), Word indicates this by numbering each window. :1 denotes the original, :2 the second copy, and so on. If a document is opened as read-only, that information appears in parentheses beside the document name. Double-click the title bar to maximize the document window or to restore it to its pre-maximized state. Right-click the title bar to display a context menu for closing the document or changing its size. Right-click the document's task- bar button to access this same context menu. 2. Sizing buttons. The Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons affect only the