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The Word Document > Document Layers - Pg. 36

Allowing Fast Saves Another option in Tools Options Save is " Allow fast saves." This feature speeds up saving by recording only the changes made in a document during the current session. When you have finished working in the document, clear the "Allow fast saves" checkbox to force Word to perform a full save, which may de- crease the file size of the document. See Chapter 3, for more on using this feature. The Word Document As discussed earlier, whenever a document is opened or created, Word creates a global layer as the application starts up. Documents themselves also contain a num- ber of layers that are unrelated to Word's global layer. After the document is estab- lished, you'll interact with text, drawing, and header/footer layers for the purposes of building content. In this section, we'll take a look at the interaction of those layers and then delve deeper into the parts of the document. Document Layers Every Word document contains six different layers that when stacked on top of one another produce a page similar to the illustration shown in Figure 2-6.