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How Word Works Figure 2-14. Viewing the field code for a hyperlink the file or the name of the web address to which the hyperlink points. Display field codes and the hyperlink code is clearly visible (Figure 2-14). However, in most respects hyperlinks don't act like other fields. For one thing, al- though the quoted text in the field code can be edited, this does not actually change the hyperlink in any way. Type in a new URL manually and the hyperlink still points to the old URL. Editing the URL manually also does not change the ScreenTip that displays when pointing to the hyperlink. For more on using hyperlinks, see Chapter 7, and Chapter 16. Document Formatting When writing a document (a letter, a proposal, or even a chapter for your new Word book), it is convenient to think in terms of conventional grammatical constructs. Letters form words, words form sentences, sentences form paragraphs, paragraphs