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3. Field markers. Field markers mark the beginning and end of a field when field codes are displayed. These look like the curly brackets inserted with the key- board, but they aren't. Every field is contained in markers. 4. Field name. Every field has a name. The field in Figure 2-10 is named DATE. Automatic fields have names assigned by Word. Inserted fields are assigned names manually, as described in Chapter 15. 5. Switches. Switches are preceded by a backslash (\) and apply various options to the field, depending on the type of field. There are many switches available for fields in Word. A complete list of switches is available in the Word help file. Many common switches are covered in Chapter 15. The field in Figure 2-10 uses two switches: \l This switch causes Word to format the field using the same format used the last time a date field was inserted with Word. \* MERGEFORMAT This switch specifies that any character formatting applied directly to the field should be preserved during updates to the field. The \* Lower switch overrides the \* MERGEFORMAT switch for case formatting. Show the Codes for All Fields in a Document Instead of toggling field codes on one at a time, display codes for all fields in a document using Tools Options View