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Saving and Moving Customizations > Commands, Toolbars, and Keystrokes - Pg. 57

Commands, Toolbars, and Keystrokes Whenever you create a custom toolbar, assign key combinations to a command, or customize the commands on toolbars and menus (as described later in this chapter), those changes are saved in a template (.dot) or document (.doc) file. You'll specify where to save them when performing the customization. Toolbars When creating a new toolbar using Tools Customize Toolbars New, the dialog that opens has an option for making the new toolbar available to either , to the current document, or to the template attached to the current document. If made available to, the toolbar is available in any docu- ment opened. Create the new toolbar in a different template instead, and the toolbar would be available to all documents based on that template, or to all documents if that template were loaded globally. Transferring Toolbars Between Documents Word makes it easy to move toolbars between templates and documents. Open Tools Templates and Add-Ins and click the Organizer button. Use the Toolbars tab of the dialog that opens to transfer toolbars between files. Learn more about using the Organizer tool in Chapter 8. Customizing Word Commands