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Preface > Acknowledgments - Pg. xvii

To ask technical questions or comment on the book, send email to: For more information about our books, conferences, software, Resource Centers, and the O'Reilly Network, see our web site at: Office Service Release 1 (OSR-1) was released just prior to this book's publication. While it fixes many small bugs in Word 2000, we did not find that the update greatly impacted the in- formation or advice in this book. You may want to check Mi- crosoft's Office Update site ( for complete details on this service release. Acknowledgments I worked on this book for a very long time. I'm both glad that it will finally be put to use and sad to close such an interesting chapter in my life. Since I started this book, three children were born: Troy Mott's son, Luke, Tom Syroid's son, Landon, and my own daughter, Maya. It is to them I'd like to dedicate this book, along with my son, Liam. He spent far too many nights without his dad. As is always said, no book is written alone. Before anyone else, I would like to thank Troy Mott, my editor at O'Reilly. He has this marvelous and often infuriating ability to pat a writer on the back with one hand while tearing apart a manuscript with the other. His insights and guidance have pushed this book far beyond anything I could have done without him. He's wanted to see this book written for a long time and it is as much his as anyone's. Thanks to Katie Gardner at O'Reilly, who organized everyone's efforts, made sure I knew what I was doing, and slaved over all the figures in the book. She also took over much of the project development while Troy was out with his new son. Thanks to Helen Feddema for writing an excellent chapter on VBA (Chapter 18) on such short notice and for her review of other parts of the book. Thanks to Laurie Ulrich for taking up the gauntlet and contributing to much of this book during a rough stretch of my own. I would also like to thank Tom Syroid for a grueling technical review of the book (my eyes were bleeding, too). He had just finished his own book, Outlook in a Nut- shell, and I'm sure he enjoyed giving mine both barrels. He even worked on it during his vacation. Thanks to Tom English (my brother) and Lue English (my mother) for their reviews, as well. Preface | xvii