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Part IV. Appendixes > Appendix D. Tip Reference - Pg. 467

Tip Reference D 1. Switch Between Documents with Alt-Tab 2. Turn Off Adaptive Menus 3. Move the Pointer for a Moment to See Tab Type 4. Double-Click the Ruler for Different Effects 5. Perform Find Next with Browse Buttons 6. Watch the Overtype Indicator 7. Create Shortcuts to Documents 8. Use the Shift Key for More File Menu Options 9. Start Word Without Loading Components 10. Load Global Templates Automatically When Word Starts 11. Set Templates to Read-Only 12. Can't Open or Save a File? 13. Allowing Fast Saves 14. View Drawing Layer Object Anchors 15. Format Drawing Layer Items Before Placing Them Behind Text 16. Show the Codes for All Fields in a Document 17. Use ScreenTips to Find Out What Fields Do 18. Control How an Index Is Created 19. Create a Document, Then Break It into Sections 20. Turn Paragraph Marks On 21. Select the Paragraph Mark to See Its Formatting 22. Use Character Styles for Characters 23. Remove Manual Formatting from Text 24. Transferring Toolbars Between Documents 25. Display Field Codes When Linking Objects 467