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Appendix D. Tip Reference > Appendix D. Tip Reference - Pg. 469

62. Shortcut to Page Setup 63. Open the Header and Footer Toolbar Quickly 64. Modify Tables in Outline View 65. Set Indents with Keyboard Shortcuts 66. Add Borders to Headers and Footers 67. Use Screentips Instead of the Comments Pane 68. Add Zoom Tools to Context Menus 69. Double-Click the Section Break Line 70. Text-Wrapping Breaks Give Better Control 71. Headers and Footers in Section Breaks 72. Removing Page Numbers 73. International Date and Time 74. Remembering Autotext Entries 75. See Symbols in Better Detail Tip Reference 76. Create a Graphic from a Symbol 77. Numbering Notes in Consecutive Documents 78. Test Cross-References Before Distributing Documents 79. Add Mark Entry Commands to Context Menus 80. Deleting an Index Entry