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Appendix D. Tip Reference > Appendix D. Tip Reference - Pg. 468

26. Set Formatting Options with Tools 27. A Better Way to Drag-And-Drop Edit 28. Use Your INS Key for Pasting 29. Finer Selection Control While Dragging 30. Do a Full Save Before Transferring Documents 31. Spelling and Grammar Status 32. Access Tools --> Customize More Quickly 33. Disabling Adaptive Menus 34. How to Copy Commands When Dragging 35. Move and Remove Commands Right from Word 36. Two Built-in Menus You May Not Know About 37. Create a Menu of Email Contacts 38. Generating a Preview 39. Reverting to Previous Versions of a File 40. Customizing the Places Bar 41. Opening or Closing All Documents 42. Remove the MRU List of Files in Save As 43. Removing the Save As Web Page Command 44. Use Track Changes with Versions