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Appendix B. Registry Keys > Appendix B. Registry Keys - Pg. 462

Key Office\9.0\Common\Open Find\Micro- soft Word\MRU Searches Office\9.0\Common\Open Find\Micro- soft Word\Saved Searches Office\9.0\Common\Open Find\Micro- soft Word\Settings Office\9.0\Common\Open Find\Places Office\9.0\Word Office\9.0\Word\CustomizableAlerts Office\9.0\Word\Data Office\9.0\Word\Options Description Holds the MRU list of recent searches. Holds searches saved in Word's File Open dialog. Holds MRU lists for the drop-down lists in many of Word's dialogs, in- cluding Tools Templates and Add-Ins, Insert Picture, File Open, and File Save As. Holds settings for the Places Bar in Office's Open and Save As dialogs. General Word key. Specifies settings for Word's optional Customizable Alerts package. Download it at Holds user options and most recently used file list. Defines certain editable options, such as whether spelling and grammar are checked automatically and which program directory is used by Word. Also contains items added by the RegOptions macro. Determines whether Word is used as the email editor for Outlook. Sets the default template used for email created with Word. Holds category list for creating Tables of Authorities. Office\9.0\Word\Options\OutlookEdi- tor Office\9.0\Word\Stationary Office\9.0\Word\Table of Authorities Categories