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Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts > Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts - Pg. 458

Key Ctrl-F9 F9 Shift-F9 Ctrl-Shift-F9 F11 Shift-F11 Ctrl-F11 Ctrl-Shift-F11 Action Insert an empty field and move the insertion point inside it. Update selected fields. Toggle display of field codes for whole document. Unlink a field. Go to next field. Go to previous field. Lock selected field. Unlock selected field. Table A-13. Outlining Keys Key Alt-Shift-Left Alt-Shift-Right Ctrl-Shift-N Alt-Shift-Up Alt-Shift-Down Alt-Shift-Plus Alt-Shift-Minus Action Promote a paragraph. Demote a paragraph. Demote a heading to body text. Move selected paragraphs up. Move selected paragraphs down. Expand text under a heading. Collapse text under a heading.