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Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts > Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts - Pg. 456

Key Ctrl-F3 Ctrl-C Ctrl-V Ctrl-Shift-F3 Ctrl-C, Ctrl-C F2 Alt-F3 Alt-Shift-R Action Cut selected text to the Spike. Copy text or graphics to the Clipboard. Paste the Clipboard contents. Paste the Spike contents. Display the Clipboard. Move text or graphics (move insertion point after pressing F2 and press Enter to place selection). Create AutoText. Copy the header or footer used in the previous section of the document. Table A-7. Insertion Keys Key Ctrl-F9 Shift-Enter Ctrl-Enter Ctrl-Shift-Enter Ctrl-Hyphen Ctrl-Shift-Hyphen Ctrl-Shift-Space Action Insert a field. Insert a line break. Insert a page break. Insert a column break. Insert an optional hyphen. Insert a nonbreaking hyphen. Insert a nonbreaking space.