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Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts > Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts - Pg. 455

Keyboard Shortcuts Key Ctrl-Shift-V Shift-F1-any text Ctrl-Space Action Paste formats. Review text formatting (same as Help What's This?). Remove manual character formatting. Table A-5. Paragraph Formatting Keys Key Ctrl-1 Ctrl-2 Ctrl-5 Ctrl-0 (zero) Ctrl-E Ctrl-J Ctrl-L Ctrl-R Ctrl-M Ctrl-Shift-M Ctrl-T Ctrl-Shift-T Ctrl-Shift-S Alt-Ctrl-K Ctrl-Shift-N Alt-Ctrl-1 Alt-Ctrl-2 Alt-Ctrl-3 Ctrl-Shift-L Ctrl-Q Action Single-space lines. Double-space lines. Set 1.5-line spacing. Add/Remove one-line spacing preceding a paragraph. Center a paragraph. Justify a paragraph. Left-align a paragraph. Right-align a paragraph. Indent a paragraph from the left. Remove a paragraph indent from the left. Create a hanging indent. Reduce a hanging indent. Activate the Style drop-down list on the Formatting toolbar. Start AutoFormat. Apply the Normal style. Apply the Heading 1 style. Apply the Heading 2 style. Apply the Heading 3 style. Apply the List style. Remove paragraph formatting. Table A-6. Editing Keys Key Backspace Ctrl-Backspace Delete Ctrl-Delete Ctrl-X Action Delete one character to the left. Delete one word to the left. Delete one character to the right. Delete one word to the right. Cut selected text or graphics to the Clipboard. Keyboard Shortcuts | 455