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Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts > Appendix A. Keyboard Shortcuts - Pg. 454

Key Ctrl-Shift-Home Ctrl-A F8 Action Select to the beginning of a document. Select the entire document. Enter extend selection mode. Press repeatedly to extend a selection. First press enters mode, second selects word to right, third selects all characters in paragraph, fourth adds the paragraph mark, fifth adds the whole document. Use ESC to exit extend mode. Reduce the size of a selection while in extend selection mode. Select to a vertical block of text. Select to a specific location in a document. Shift-F8 Ctrl-Shift-F8-arrow keys F8-arrow keys Table A-4. Character Formatting Keys Key Ctrl-Shift-F Ctrl-Shift-P Ctrl-Shift-> Ctrl-Shift-< Ctrl-] Ctrl-[ Ctrl-D Action Change the font. Activate the Font drop-down menu on the Formatting toolbar. Increase the font size according to the preset sizes. Decrease the font size according to the preset sizes. Increase the font size by 1 point. Decrease the font size by 1 point. Open the Format Font dialog.