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Part II. Menu Reference > Chapter 6. View - Pg. 147

View 6 The View menu contains commands for changing the visual perspective on the active document. The menu also contains tools for displaying parts of the document that are not always visible, such as comments, headers, and toolbars. Word's four document views provide different ways of looking at a document for different needs. The four views include: Normal Work in normal view for typing, editing, and formatting text. Normal view shows text formatting but simplifies the layout of the page so that you can type and edit quickly. Web Layout Work in Web layout view when creating a web page or a document that is viewed on the screen. Print Layout Work in print layout view to see how text, graphics, and other elements will be positioned on the printed page. Outline Work in outline view to see the structure of a document and to move, copy, and reorganize text by dragging headings. View Normal Access Word's Normal view using View Normal or the Normal view button at the far left of the horizontal scroll bar. In Normal view, the document appears as if it were one, infinitely long, scrollable piece of paper (Figure 6-1). Normal is the default view and is the most useful during the course of document creation, as it shows text and formatting, but does not cloud the screen with headers, footers, footnotes, and precise page layout. 147