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Customizing Word Figure 3-32. Assigning keyboard shortcuts to commands Figure 3-33. Word's default Standard toolbar A customized standard toolbar The very first thing I customized on my Word interface was the Standard toolbar. The default toolbar (Figure 3-33) is replete with buttons for commands that most people don't use regularly, but which I'm sure offered Microsoft a great chance to market various Word features. There are also a number of commands that I use all the time that were left out. Here is a rundown of the changes I made: 1. I started by going to Tools Customize Commands to enter editing mode and displaying the list of available commands. I chose to save my customizations in Some people warn against this, saying it's better to create a new global template that contains your customizations and loads each time Word starts. You can do that if you want, but I decided just to save it in -- it's easy enough to reset it to the default and save a backup copy. 2. For my first change, I replaced the standard New button with the New com- mand that brings up the same dialog as File New instead of just creating a blank document. I did this by deleting the old button and dragging the New command with the ellipses following it (...) up there instead. Customizing the Word Interface | 95