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Our Favorite Customizations > A customized formatting toolbar - Pg. 96

Figure 3-34. A customized Standard toolbar 3. Next, I added a Close All button so that I can quickly shut down all of my open documents. 4. I removed the Email button because I never used it. 5. I removed the Print Preview button because I don't really like the command and it's easy enough to get to on the File menu anyway. 6. I removed the Spell Check button because I don't use the command enough and it's not too difficult to choose it from the Tools menu. 7. I added an Envelopes and Labels button because I print envelopes often. 8. I added a Find button and a Find Next button because I find it more convenient to have it on a toolbar than to dig through menus or use the browse buttons under the vertical scrollbar. 9. I removed the Format Painter button. Even though I use this command all the time, I felt it belonged on the Formatting toolbar instead. 10. I removed the Insert Hyperlink button because I use it rarely enough that getting it from the Insert menu isn't a big hassle. 11. I removed the Table Button because all it does is open the Tables and Borders toolbar for me, and that's easy enough to do by right-clicking any open toolbar.