The Edit menu's Cut, Copy, and Paste commands move document text around in- side and between documents. In addition, you can paste objects from other appli- cations, such as a section of an Excel worksheet or a PowerPoint chart, to a document and create a link to the source content by using the Paste Special command. The Edit menu also provides a way to maintain this linked content (Edit Links), and to edit the linked object (Edit Object). Keyboard shortcuts Undo last action: Ctrl-Z Redo last undone action: Ctrl-Y Cut content: Ctrl-X Copy content: Ctrl-C Paste cut or copied content: Ctrl-V Select the entire document: Ctrl-A Find specified text or formatting codes: Ctrl-F Browse (Find) next item: Ctrl-Page Down Browse (Find) previous item: Ctrl-Page Up Replace found content with new content: Ctrl-H Go to a particular page or section: Ctrl-G (or F5) Edit task list Undo the last action: Edit Cut, copy, and paste content: Edit