Add clip art or other graphic elements: Insert Create a cross-reference to another part of a document: Insert Insert an object from another application: Insert Bookmark your document: Insert Insert a hyperlink to another file or a web site: Insert Format There are several levels of formatting in Word. Format individual characters by ap- plying different fonts, text colors, and font sizes. Format paragraphs by applying indents, tabs, and styles. Format sections with page layout and margin settings. The Format menu also customizes the way Word automatically formats a document (a.k.a. AutoFormat) -- making such changes as converting fractions to symbols (1/2 to 1 / 2 ), displaying web addresses as hyperlinks, and automatically numbering or bulleting lists as you type. While the most commonly used formatting commands are represented on the For- matting toolbar, you'll find that the Format menu's dialog boxes provide an extensive set of tools for changing fonts, setting alignments, and applying colors and borders to text. The toolbar equivalents are often faster to use, but they don't offer the options and the same degree of control over how the formats are applied. Keyboard shortcuts